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What Are the Different Types of Removable Dentures?

Dentures offer a brilliant solution for people with several or all the missing teeth. They are removable, unlike permanent devices like dental crowns or bridges. However, modern dentures are natural-looking and more comfortable. At Red Rock Dental in Las Vegas, we provide various denture options to suit patients' specific needs and preferences.

How Do Removable Dentures Work?

Full dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base made of composite resin, fixed firmly over the jawbone ridge. The prosthetic teeth mounted to the plastic base are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. Dentures are held securely in position with the mouth's suctioning force and closely fit against the ridges of the jawbone. In addition, the upper dentures get extra support from the large surface area of the mouth's roof palate, providing incredible stability.

Oral functions like eating and talking with dentures will take some time to get accustomed to. In due course, the dentures become stable in the space previously occupied by the missing teeth. The ligaments, nerves, and muscles of the mouth learn to work in new ways and allow for the normal functioning of the oral cavity. Dentures also help support the facial structure and the soft tissues of the cheeks and lips to give you a more young-looking appearance.

Types of Removable Dentures 

  • Full Dentures

These dentures can be constructed with precise accuracy to fit into your mouth. The conventional removable dentures are designed to resemble your natural teeth perfectly. They can be highly durable and, with proper care, can last for many years.

  • Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are recommended for patients who have a consecutive row of teeth missing on the top or lower arch of the mouth. They consist of prosthetic teeth mounted on a gum-colored base made of acrylic plastic. Removable dentures are preferred since they are low maintenance and can be removed easily from the mouth. Besides correcting a smile, partial dentures also prevent the movement of surrounding teeth.

  • Implant-Supported Overdentures

 In order to increase the firmness of an upper or lower denture, they can be steadily attached with the help of two or more dental implants. The upper jaw requires more dental implants than the lower jaw as it has less bone density. Many people prefer this denture option as it offers an exceptional balance of comfort, functionality, and value.

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