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What Is the Process for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are performed when a tooth is decayed or damaged and beyond repair. Other reasons include loose teeth caused due to periodontal diseases, correcting an overcrowded mouth, or orthodontic treatments.

If you have scheduled a tooth extraction, you probably will feel comforted that your symptoms will be gone soon. But still, it is customary to be nervous about tooth extraction. If you are stressed about the surgery process, panic is unnecessary. At Red Rock Dental in Las Vegas, our dentists are highly skilled at performing comfortable and safe tooth extractions.

Types of Tooth Extraction

  • A Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is carried out when a tooth is visible above the gumline. The process involves loosening the tooth using an elevator tool. Then the tooth is pulled out with forceps.

  • A Surgical Extraction

A surgical process is necessary if the tooth has not erupted correctly in the mouth or is impacted beneath the gum line. In such instances, our dentists will cut a small incision into the gum to remove the impacted or broken tooth.

Whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction, tooth extraction techniques are fundamentally the same. These are:

  • Numbing Your Tooth

Tooth extraction begins with a shot of local anesthesia for the tooth, gum, and bone tissue surrounding it.

  • Extraction of the Tooth

The tooth is firmly rooted in the socket held in position by a ligament. To remove the tooth, we enlarge the socket, separate the tooth from the ligament, and finally, the tooth is pulled out using dental instruments.

  • Closing the Operated Area

Cotton gauze is placed at the operated area to stop bleeding of the empty socket. Then we will stitch up the extraction site in case of surgical tooth extraction.

  • Minimize Bleeding

Next, folded gauze is placed over the tooth extraction site, and you will be required to bite down firmly to control bleeding. An ice pack will help reduce your facial swelling.

Post Extraction Care

  • Bite gently on the gauze piece to allow clot formation in the tooth socket. Change gauze pieces before they are soaked in blood.
  • Take your painkillers as prescribed.
  • Relax for at least twenty-four hours after the extraction.
  • Do not spit or rinse your mouth forcefully. This action may dislodge the clot formed in the socket.
  • Avoid drinking from a straw.
  • Avoid smoking as it may delay your healing.
  • Consume soft foods for the first few days.
  • Take care to avoid the extraction area when you brush and floss.

If you have any queries regarding dental extractions, visit our office, Red Rock Dental, at 900 S Pavilion Center Dr #140, Las Vegas, NV 89144. You can also reach us at (702) 243-8788.


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