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Sprint Ray is a 3D printer that creates a high-resolution model of a patient's mouth in one to two hours. The model is highly accurate and more realistic than a traditional model. Sprint Ray enables the dentist and lab technician to view, analyze, and plan treatments virtually in 3D.

SprintRay is a 3D printing company that specializes in dental applications. The company offers a variety of different 3D printers, each designed for specific dental applications.

What Are The Benefits of Sprint Ray 3D Printing In Dentistry?

The benefits of Sprint Ray 3D Printing in dentistry are many and varied. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the ability to create accurate, custom-made dental prosthetics quickly and easily. With traditional methods, such as hand carving or milling, it can often take weeks to create a single prosthetic. But with 3D printing, a single prosthetic can be created in just a few hours – or even less.

Other benefits of Sprint Ray 3D Printing in dentistry include:

  • Increased accuracy: because 3D-printed prosthetics are made from digital models, they are much more accurate than those made with traditional methods. This means that they fit better and look more natural.
  • More design freedom: with traditional methods, there are limitations on what can be created. But with 3D printing, almost anything is possible. This gives dental labs much more freedom to be creative and produce unique designs that perfectly meet their patients' needs.
  • Greater durability: traditional prosthetics are often made from fragile materials such as porcelain or resin. But 3D-printed prosthetics are made from strong, durable materials. This means they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use much better than their traditional counterparts.

The other major benefits include the following:

  • Provides digital workflows
  • Faster than traditional methods
  • Provides 360-degree printing
  • Accurate fitting
  • Reduces time at chairside
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When is Sprint Ray 3D Printing Used?

Sprint Ray 3D printing is used for everything from simple orthodontic retainers to complex surgical guides.

  • Orthodontic retainers
  • Surgical guides
  • Crown and bridge models
  • Implant surgical guides

How Long Does A Sprint Ray Treatment Take?

The SprintRay process begins with a scan of your mouth using 3D scanning technology. Once we have the scan, the SprintRay software uses the scan to create a 3D virtual model of your mouth.

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