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VARO Guide is an innovative technology that helps accurately guided-surgery, making it easier to achieve optimal results without compromising patient safety. VaroGuide is extremely precise and enables the dentist to perform procedures with unparalleled accuracy.

Red Rock

What is VARO Guide?

The VARO Guide is a surgical guide that helps surgeons to plan and place dental implants accurately and efficiently. The guide can be used to place any implant system, and it is easy to use with both digital and analog planning methods. With the VARO Guide, you can be sure that your implant placement will be accurate, safe, and efficient.

How VARO Guide Works

The VARO Guide is a new, revolutionary way to get accurate, guided surgery. It's simple to use and easy to learn, and it's been proven to be effective in clinical trials. Here's how it works:

  • Obtaining of conventional impression using VARO Pre-Guide Tray
  • CBCT taking with VARO Pre-Guide
  • Surgical & Prosthetic Treatment Planning with Varo Plan
  • 10 min Chairside Milling for VARO Guide with Varo Pre-Guide impression

How to Use VARO Guide

If you are looking for a way to improve the accuracy of your surgical procedures, the VARO Guide may be a good option for you. This guide uses advanced technology to help surgeons achieve more precise results. 


VARO Guide is a revolutionary technology that has the power to revolutionize guided surgery in dental practices. Its accuracy, precision, and speed are unparalleled, meaning that dentists can now perform complex surgeries faster and with greater success than ever before. The potential for VARO Guide to improve patient care in both general and specialist dentistry is immense, offering much-needed relief from pain and discomfort while also providing patients with increased confidence due to the reduced risk of complications or misdiagnosis associated with manual treatments. With this advanced surgical guide at their disposal, practitioners have even more tools available to help them provide optimal dental care for their patients.

Red Rock

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