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Dental X-Rays in Las Vegas, NV

Dental X-rays offer an excellent diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your teeth, bones, and mouth. They not only provide better-quality images of your mouth and teeth but also reduce your radiation exposure. At Red Rock Dental, we use the information provided by these X-rays to help treat our patients with the best possible care.

What Are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are used to obtain a clear view of the various tooth structures and jawbones. They can identify and image cavities, gum or bone loss, periodontal disease, malignant or benign tumors, and other structures within the lower portion of the head. The cavities are easily visible on X-rays as they are less dense than the teeth they affect.

They are also helpful in detecting wisdom teeth that have not erupted. Besides this, dental X-rays help in the imaging of root structures in preparation for orthodontic work. Though dental X-rays use radiation to achieve light-dark contrasts, they are less hazardous when used occasionally. 

When Would You Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are a vital element of a complete program of oral hygiene examinations. Based on your age and risk of tooth decay, you will be advised to have an X-ray done by your dentist. If you don’t follow your dentist’s recommendations, you may miss a significant opportunity to notice and treat tooth decay before it starts to create problems. In the long run, early detection will save you pain, time, and money.

What Are the Benefits of Dental X-Rays?

  • Dental X-rays reduce patient radiation exposure significantly while still creating a crystal-clear image.
  • Our dentist can view and enlarge the images immediately on a computer, allowing for prompt treatment and better identification of any anomalies.
  • Dental X-rays do not need film and thus have a lesser environmental impact.
  • The X-rays can be done more quickly, so you spend less time in the office and more time taking care of your oral health.

What Are the Common Types of Dental X-Rays?

There are three regular types of intraoral X-rays. Each type is designed to show specific parts of the mouth and teeth. 

  • Bite-Wing X-Rays 

Bite-wing X-rays show changes in bone thickness caused by gum disease as well as decay located between teeth. They can also help determine the proper fit of a crown or other restorations. It can also see any defect or breakdown of dental fillings.

  • Periapical X-Rays 

These X-rays show the whole tooth from the crown to where the tooth is secured into the jaw. They help dentists spot any suspicious changes in the root and surrounding bone structures.

  • Occlusal X-rays

Occlusal X-rays help in tracking the development and placement of an entire arch of teeth in either the upper or lower jaw.

If you are interested in learning more about the incredible benefits of dental X-rays, call Rock Red Dental today at (702) 243-8788 to schedule an appointment.  


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