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Laser Therapy in Las Vegas, NV

In the recent past, laser dentistry has improved many traditional dentistry practices, making procedures more precise and less painful. This modern type of dentistry utilizes lasers that can be used to perform various treatments like soft tissue shaping and removal.

If you have been diagnosed as having periodontal disease, you may be eligible for one of our laser dentistry procedures. At Red Rock Dental, we have extensive experience using laser technology to treat many oral health issues. Using innovative laser procedures, we can treat your periodontal problems and help enhance the appearance of your smile.

What Are Some Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Preservation of a larger portion of the natural tooth
  • Minimal bleeding as lasers promotes blood clotting
  • No need for anesthesia in some procedures
  • Reduced need for stitches and sutures
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures
  • Minor damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Less post-procedure pain and swelling
  • Less need for medications and antibiotics after treatment

How Is Laser Dentistry Used?

Laser dentistry is extremely versatile, and though it is mainly associated with cosmetic treatments, it is equally effective for preventative purposes. Some of the procedures that dental lasers can be used are:

  • Tooth Preparation 

Before laser dentistry, a drill was required to prepare the tooth for a filling. Lasers have now eliminated the need for drilling and anesthesia. They also effectively kill oral bacteria around the surgical area.

  • Reshaping Soft Tissue 

Dental lasers can reshape and dissolve soft tissues, making them very useful in crown lengthening procedures, treating “gummy smiles” to make them more attractive, and ease the discomfort caused by soft tissue folds due to denture wear.

  • Tumor Removal 

A dental laser can painlessly remove benign tumors that have developed in the soft tissue areas of the mouth.

  • Whitening 

Lasers can significantly accelerate the tooth whitening process by stimulating the activity of the peroxide bleaching solution.

  • Biopsy 

Lasers are sometimes used to carry out a biopsy on suspected areas of soft tissue. This procedure can be performed instantly and with greater precision.

How Are Laser Procedures Performed?

Carbon dioxide lasers and diode lasers are the most common dental lasers usually used to treat soft tissue problems. We will decide on the laser type best for you after a thorough examination and looking at your X-rays.

The laser beam is exceedingly bright, and special glasses will have to be worn to shield the eyes. The beam is then projected to the affected area. Depending on the treatment, the laser then precisely cuts away the soft tissue, hardens the newly shaped filling, or helps whiten the teeth. The process will take far less time than conservative methods and cause less anxiety and discomfort. 

If you are keen on learning how laser dentistry can help address your dental concerns, please visit us at Red Rock Dental or call us at (702) 243-8788 to schedule your appointment.


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