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Fluoride and Decay Prevention in Las Vegas, NV

Fluoride is a naturally present mineral that helps build strong teeth and prevent cavities. It can support healthy tooth enamel and effectively fight the bacteria that harm the teeth and gums. If you are at a greater risk of developing dental cavities, fluoride treatments can help you safeguard against them.

At Red Rock Dental, we provide various fluoride treatments to protect your teeth and help maintain excellent oral health.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

  • Fluorides treatments help restore minerals to tooth surfaces that have been eroded by acidic food and drinks. As a result, the teeth regain their strength.
  • Fluorides help to fight tooth decay in both children and adults. It helps kill bacteria that are present in the tubules of the teeth. The fluoride also fills the small microscopic holes that form in the beginning stages of tooth decay. This prevents the decay from entering into the deeper layers of the teeth.
  • The protective effects of fluoride on your teeth will decrease tooth decay, and as a result, less money is spent on other treatments.
  • Fluoride treatment helps preserve your perfect smile. They protect your teeth from various issues, such as gum recession due to gingivitis and teeth discoloration, as the fluoride fills the tubules and makes it harder for stains to form.
  • They help prevent the sensitivity of the teeth. As enamel gets eroded due to bacterial activity and acidic foods and drinks, the soft dentin layer gets exposed, and your teeth can become sensitive each time you consume hot or cold substances.

How Often Should You Get Fluoride Treatment?

Dr. Alan McCaffrey recommends that patients get a fluoride application once every six months. However, the frequency of treatments can vary based on a variety of factors. For instance, people who face a higher risk of caries, those with poor oral hygiene habits and limited or no saliva production should get fluoride treatments once every three months. The exact frequency of fluoride treatments can be determined after a complete examination of your teeth.

How Are Fluoride Treatments Done?

The most standard method of fluoride application is by painting it on the surface of your teeth. This fluoride layer should stay on your teeth for four to six hours before you can brush your teeth to remove the surplus fluoride.

Fluoride gel is administered by using a tray that is fitted onto your teeth for the required duration. Alternatively, we may give you a fluoride mouthwash and ask you to rinse your teeth with it for a few seconds, after which you spit out the liquid. After the prescribed time that allowed the fluoride to penetrate the surface of your teeth, you can brush your teeth.

To schedule an appointment for a fluoride treatment at Red Rock Dental, call us at (702) 243-8788. 


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