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Snap-on Dentures

Snap-on dentures offer an excellent restorative option for people who need to replace most or all of their teeth. These dentures give patients a dependable and durable alternative to traditional dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Dental implants help the snap-on dentures to stay securely and firmly in place, creating the appearance of a full, healthy smile. Implants are permanent so that you can enjoy the benefits of snap-on dentures for the rest of your life.

Our team at Red Rock Dental loves working with patients to determine what their dream smile will look like and making it a reality for them. And snap-on dentures are one solution we can provide.

What Are Snap-on Dentures?

A snap-on denture is a device that is held in place by implants. Two to four implants are required for this denture. The more the implants, the more stable is the denture. These categories of dentures can be removed by the patient to allow for proper cleaning but stays anchored throughout the day. 

When Would You Need Snap-on Dentures?

Patients may want snap-on dentures because they are tired of their conventional dentures constantly slipping out of their mouths at an inconvenient time. If you lost your teeth quite early in life because of trauma, decay, or periodontal disease, snap-on dentures would provide an alternative that allows the dentures to look more natural. 

Who Can Wear Snap-on Dentures?

To be able to undergo dental implant surgery, you should have a solid bone mass and be free of diseases and illnesses that prevent your body from healing correctly. You also have to have a new plate of dentures made that are designed to clip onto the dental implants once they have recovered. Dental implants take time to heal since most will fuse with the bone in roughly three to five months. Dr. Alan McCaffrey will then fit you with a new denture and instruct you on how to remove it.

How Are Snap-on Dentures Placed?

At Red Rock Dental, the first step in placing snap-on dentures is the placement of the actual dental implants. This is performed through minor surgery. Multiple implants are placed to create a uniform hold to the denture plate. Once the implants have healed, we will take impressions of your mouth. These impressions are used to fabricate the denture that will be snapped onto the implants.

Once the dentures are ready, you will come back to the office to have the dentures adjusted to make them more comfortable.

If you would like to be fitted with Snap-On dentures, visit our office ‘Red Rock Dental’ or call us at (702) 243-8788 to schedule your appointment.


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